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Charlie Hendricks Award
Is not a current member of the Executive Board; has been active in CACRAO for at least 5 years and has made substantial contributions to CACRAO "above and beyond the call of duty".   The Charlie Hendricks Award was first awarded in 1995.
Honorary Membership
Was active in CACRAO for at least 10 years and has made substantial contributions to CACRAO.   Honorary Membership was first awarded in 1972.
Award of Excellence
Has made very significant contributions to CACRAO, its member institutions, and higher education in the Carolinas.   The Award of Excellence was first awarded in 1991.
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First NameLast NameCollege/UniversityAwardAward YearDeceased
First NameLast NameCollege/UniversityAwardAward YearDeceased
Patrick Frazier Western Carolina University Award of Excellence 2016  
Nicole Kuhns Appalachian State University Award of Excellence 2016  
Nancy Reading Central Carolina Technical College Award of Excellence 2016  
Kenneth Roach Coastal Carolina University Award of Excellence 2016  
Amelia Martin Barton College Award of Excellence 2015  
Myron Burney Morehouse College Award of Excellence 2014  
John Powell The Citadel Award of Excellence 2014  
Lisa Knell Francis Marion University Award of Excellence 2013  
Jonathan Reece University of North Carolina Wilmington Award of Excellence 2013  
Joseph Croom Carteret Community College Award of Excellence 2012  
Bonnie Jones Davidson County Community College Award of Excellence 2011  
Kelli Sewell North Greenville University Award of Excellence 2011  
Zaire McCoy Elon University Award of Excellence 2010  
Julie Fielder University of South Carolina - Columbia Award of Excellence 2009  
Marshall Connor Trident Technical College Award of Excellence 2008  
Jan Jordon Johnson & Wales University Award of Excellence 2008  
Julia Bellon University of South Carolina - Columbia Award of Excellence 2007  
Kacy Seay University of North Carolina - Greensboro Award of Excellence 2007  
Perry Wilson Coker College Award of Excellence 2007  
Mike Zeigler Claflin University Award of Excellence 2007  
Pam Farmer North Greenville University Award of Excellence 2006  
Jocelyn Foy North Carolina Central University Award of Excellence 2006  
Andrew Hendrix University of South Carolina - Aiken Award of Excellence 2006  
Jenni Page Wofford College Award of Excellence 2006  
Rita Brown James Sprunt Community College Award of Excellence 2005  
Ken Hayes Rowan-Cabarrus Community College Award of Excellence 2005  
Drucilla (Dru) Russell Francis Marion University Award of Excellence 2005  
Amy Bissette East Carolina University Award of Excellence 2004  
Vern Granger North Carolina State University Award of Excellence 2004  
Charmin Lee Wingate University Award of Excellence 2004  
Elizabeth (Beth) McLean Francis Marion University Award of Excellence 2004  
National Student Clearinghouse  Corporate Sponsor Award of Excellence 2003  
Angela Anderson East Carolina University Award of Excellence 2003  
Brenda Sawyer Coastal Carolina University Award of Excellence 2003  
Gail Stephens University of South Carolina - Columbia Award of Excellence 2003  
Robert (Bob) Askins University of South Carolina - Columbia Award of Excellence 2002  
Ray Cockrell University of North Carolina - Wilmington Award of Excellence 2002  
Jerry Harrelson University of North Carolina - Greensboro Award of Excellence 2002  
David Christ Bob Jones University Award of Excellence 2001  
Sha-Ron Jones Saint Augustine's College Award of Excellence 2001  
Rich Tinneny Midlands Technical College Award of Excellence 2001  
Julie Bush University of South Carolina - Aiken Award of Excellence 2000  
Craig Fulton University of North Carolina - Charlotte Award of Excellence 2000  
Martha Welch O'Donnell North Carolina State University Award of Excellence 2000  
Terry L. Davis University of South Carolina - Columbia Award of Excellence 1999  
Michael R. Heintze Clemson University Award of Excellence 1999  
Richard (Rick) Hinshaw Mars Hill College Award of Excellence 1999  
Annie R. Belton South Carolina State University Award of Excellence 1998  
Carolyn Hicks Wake Technical Community College Award of Excellence 1998  
Robert S. Barkley Clemson University Award of Excellence 1997  
Kathi M. Baucom University of North Carolina - Charlotte Award of Excellence 1997  
James H. (Jim) Bundy North Carolina State University Award of Excellence 1996  
Dr. George R. Dixon North Carolina State University Award of Excellence 1996  
Margaret R. Perry Wake Forest University Award of Excellence 1996  
The College Board  Corporate Sponsor Award of Excellence 1994  
T. Luther (Luke) Gunter University of South Carolina - Columbia Award of Excellence 1994  
Phoenix Communications  Corporate Sponsor Award of Excellence 1993  
Randy Kilby Gardner-Webb University Award of Excellence 1993  
Paul Anderson Furman University Award of Excellence 1992  
Richard G. (Dick) Cashwell University of North Carolina - Chapel Hill Award of Excellence 1992  
Rudolph Artis North Carolina A&T University Award of Excellence 1991  
Charlie Hendricks Guilford College Award of Excellence 1991  
Marvin Lynch Francis Marion University Award of Excellence 1991  
Tiffany Blackwell Tri-County Technical College Charlie Hendricks Award 2016  
Kristin Allen University of South Carolina Aiken Charlie Hendricks Award 2015  
Jonathan Reece UNC Wilmington Charlie Hendricks Award 2014  
Zaire McCoy Elon University Charlie Hendricks Award 2012  
Chris Murphy East Carolina University Charlie Hendricks Award 2011  
Roger Jones Belmont Abbey College Charlie Hendricks Award 2010  
Angela Anderson East Carolina University Charlie Hendricks Award 2009  
Robert (Bob) Askins University of South Carolina - Columbia Charlie Hendricks Award 2008  
Drury (Chip) Nimmich The Citadel Charlie Hendricks Award 2006  
Ed Holloway North Greenville College Charlie Hendricks Award 2004  
David Christ Bob Jones University Charlie Hendricks Award 2003  
Craig Fulton University of North Carolina - Charlotte Charlie Hendricks Award 2002  
Tom Black Duke University Charlie Hendricks Award 2001  
Rich Tinneny Midlands Technical College Charlie Hendricks Award 2000  
Stephen (Steve) Poston Wingate University Charlie Hendricks Award 1999  
Margaret R. Perry Wake Forest University Charlie Hendricks Award 1998  
Eli Wishart Midlands Technical College Charlie Hendricks Award 1997  
Charles Lancaster Coastal Carolina Community College Charlie Hendricks Award 1996  
Malinda Richbourg University of North Carolina - Greensboro Charlie Hendricks Award 1995  
Richard (Dick) P. Thompson Lenoir-Rhyne College Honorary Membership Unknown (btwn 1990-1995)  
Emily Harper Winston-Salem State University Honorary Membership Unknown (btwn 1983-1989)  
Charlie Hendricks Guilford College Honorary Membership Unknown (btwn 1973-1989)  
Harriett Parker Western Carolina University Honorary Membership Unknown (btwn 1973-1989)  
Ken Raab North Carolina State University Honorary Membership Unknown (btwn 1973-1989)  
Ray Strong University of North Carolina - Chapel Hill Honorary Membership Unknown (btwn 1973-1989)  
Gilbert (Gil) Bowen University of North Carolina Wilmington Honorary Membership 2016  
Lisa Knell Francis Marion University Honorary Membership 2014  
Ashley Pearson Elon University Honorary Membership 2014  
Chris Parrish Western Carolina University Honorary Membership 2013  
Randy Doss Guilford College Honorary Membership 2012  
Maggie Gause Francis Marion University Honorary Membership 2011  
Robert (Bob) McClenndon Brevard College Honorary Membership 2010  
Vern Granger North Carolina State University Honorary Membership 2009  
Charmin Lee Wingate University Honorary Membership 2009  
Malinda Richbourg University of North Carolina - Greensboro Honorary Membership 2009  
Don R. Rankins Appalachian State University Honorary Membership 2008  
Jeff Constant Lander University Honorary Membership 2007  
Craig Fulton University of North Carolina - Charlotte Honorary Membership 2007  
Gail Stephens University of South Carolina - Columbia Honorary Membership 2007  
Annie R. Belton South Carolina State University Honorary Membership 2006  
David Christ Bob Jones University Honorary Membership 2006  
Brenda Sawyer Coastal Carolina University Honorary Membership 2006  
Rita Brown James Sprunt Community College Honorary Membership 2005  
Ken Hayes Rowan-Cabarrus Community College Honorary Membership 2005  
Ed Holloway North Greenville College Honorary Membership 2005  
Ginger Marr Winthrop University Honorary Membership 2005  
Drucilla (Dru) Russell Francis Marion University Honorary Membership 2005  
Ron Whittaker University of North Carolina - Wilmington Honorary Membership 2005  
Ray Cockrell University of North Carolina - Wilmington Honorary Membership 2004  
Terry L. Davis University of South Carolina - Columbia Honorary Membership 2004  
L. Murrie Lee University of North Carolina - Wilmington Honorary Membership 2003  
Tom Black Duke University Honorary Membership 2002  
Dr. George R. Dixon North Carolina State University Honorary Membership 2002  
Jerry Harrelson University of North Carolina - Greensboro Honorary Membership 2002  
Jerry Kornegay Mount Olive College Honorary Membership 2002  
Grady Cathey University of North Carolina - Charlotte Honorary Membership 2001  
Judy Cottrell Davidson County Community College Honorary Membership 2001  
Robbie Schultz North Carolina Central University Honorary Membership 2001  
Sherwood Stark University of South Carolina - Columbia Honorary Membership 2001  
John W. White University of North Carolina - Asheville Honorary Membership 2001  
Paul Anderson Furman University Honorary Membership 2000  
Wanda Green North Carolina State University Honorary Membership 2000  
Richard (Rick) Hinshaw Mars Hill College Honorary Membership 2000  
Albert J. (Al) Schatz Bob Jones University Honorary Membership 2000  
Anne M. Collins University of North Carolina - Wilmington Honorary Membership 1999  
Reggie Freeman Midlands Technical College Honorary Membership 1999  
J. Gilbert Moore East Carolina University Honorary Membership 1999  
Robert L. Brown Wake Technical Community College Honorary Membership 1998  
Charles Lancaster Coastal Carolina Community College Honorary Membership 1998  
Margaret R. Perry Wake Forest University Honorary Membership 1998  
Donna Strickland Coastal Carolina Community College Honorary Membership 1998  
Eli Wishart Midlands Technical College Honorary Membership 1998  
Marvin Lynch Francis Marion University Honorary Membership 1997  
Stephen (Steve) Poston Wingate University Honorary Membership 1997  
Bobbie C. Austin East Carolina University Honorary Membership 1996  
James H. (Jim) Bundy North Carolina State University Honorary Membership 1996  
Mary P. Hughes Robeson Community College Honorary Membership 1996  
Frances Elmore Francis Marion University Honorary Membership 1995  
T. Luther (Luke) Gunter University of South Carolina - Columbia Honorary Membership 1995  
Anthony Locklear Pembroke State University Honorary Membership 1995  
Margaret Folger Rook University of North Carolina - Chapel Hill Honorary Membership 1994  
Randy Kilby Gardner-Webb University Honorary Membership 1994  
Bethany Rose Joyner Atlantic Christian College (Barton College) Honorary Membership 1993  
John Bolin University of South Carolina - Columbia Honorary Membership 1992  
Frederick Daniels College of Charleston Honorary Membership 1992  
Phyllis Meredith Johnston Erskine, Coker, Sacred Heart, Garner Webb Colleges Honorary Membership 1992  
Charles (Charlie) Brock Furman University Honorary Membership 1991  
Richard G. (Dick) Cashwell University of North Carolina - Chapel Hill Honorary Membership 1991  
Dr. Kenneth Harper Elon College Honorary Membership 1991  
Stephen (Steve) Shuford Lenoir-Rhyne College Honorary Membership 1991  
Kenneth Vickery Clemson University Honorary Membership 1991  
Arthur S. (Art) West University of South Carolina - Columbia Honorary Membership 1991  
Fannie Williams Winston-Salem State University Honorary Membership 1991  
Rudolph Artis North Carolina A&T University Honorary Membership 1990  
Marie Deans Atlantic Christian College (Barton College) Honorary Membership 1990  
Robert (Bob) Gwaltney University of North Carolina - Charlotte Honorary Membership 1990  
Shirley Hamrick Wake Forest University Honorary Membership 1990  
Jimmy Daniels Atlantic Christian College (Barton College) Honorary Membership 1988  
Anna Keller North Carolina State University Honorary Membership 1988  
Tyree Kiser Western Carolina University Honorary Membership 1984  
Brona Roy Brevard College Honorary Membership 1984  
Grady S. Patterson Wake Forest College Honorary Membership 1972  
Showing 165 items