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South Carolina College Application Days

The South Carolina Commission on Higher Education and South Carolina Department of Education will host College Application Days throughout the months of September, October, and November, at high schools across the state. The events are intended to promote higher education by assisting students with the college application process. The goal of these days is to provide a forum for all South Carolina high school seniors to complete and submit college applications. While much of the focus of these days will be geared toward first-generation students and students who may not otherwise apply to college, the host high schools will be encouraged to include activities for all students promoting college attendance, even those who have already applied.

Volunteers are needed to assist high school seniors in completing college applications. Questions frequently arise where college and university representatives are best able to provide insight, information and wise counsel.  Get involved, register now to help with College Application Days.

Need to know more? Please visit the SC CAN Go to College Website